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We offer the following:

Initial Consultation: After having you answer a number of questions and discussing your situation, an opinion on your case will be provided along with advice on the steps you may take to resolve your issues. We also discuss the consequences of the choices that you have made or might make.

Separation Agreement: A Separation Agreement is a binding contract that sets out the rights and obligations of each party to a separation. Matters that may be addressed in a Separation Agreement include child custody and access, division of property, child support and spousal support. The benefit of a Separation Agreement is that it allows both parties to move on with their lives while waiting for their divorce to be finalized in the court.

Co-habitation Agreement: For common-law couples.

Marriage Contract: For those who are already married or planning to marry.

Divorce/Separation: Divorce refers to a change in a person’s legal status from married to single and usually does not deal with child custody or division of property.

Separation refers to a couple who are living apart despite the fact that they may still be legally married. In this scenario, issues that may need to be addressed are custody of children, access to children, the division of property, child support and spousal support.

Spousal Support: A court will consider a number of factors when making a determination about spousal support. The amount to be paid is actually derived from a complicated formula and presented as a flexible range rather than a set amount. We can provide assistance with determining the amount of spousal support to be paid.

Child Support, Child Custody and Parenting Plans: Parents undergoing divorce or separation are faced with making decisions about where the children will live, when they will spend time with each parent and how important decisions are made. We can provide advice on how to resolve these matters.

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