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Decisions made during a divorce or separation, especially where children are involved, can have life-long impact. It is important to know what your legal rights and responsibilities are, what the consequences will be of the choices you have made or might make and how to navigate your way through the legal process of separation and/or divorce.

However, you may not be able to afford a lawyer to take you through all the steps in the family law process and you do not qualify to receive legal aid assistance from Legal Aid Ontario.

To alleviate this situation, we offer unbundled services. 

Unbundled services refer to an arrangement where a client hires a lawyer to provide advice or to complete court documents for part of a case. The lawyer does not “go on record” to handle the whole family law case or file. You can simply obtain legal guidance and/or assistance with drafting court documents on an ad hoc basis.

For example, you could hire us to complete any or all of the following on a discrete basis:

  • Creating custody and access agreements

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Drafting court documents for your next court appearance

  • Drafting a separation agreement

  • Calculating child support

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